What a nice thing to find on my return to the land of the living! After sickness that had me in bed and internet problems that kept me offline, I find that the newbie blogger has received an award from her sweet friend Sweet Jenn. Here's the problem: I have *no* idea how to link back to her site! Maybe some of you vets can give me some advice. But I'll play along and list 7 things I love (and I'll try to avoid the obvious ones of my hubby, etc!)

1. I adore sitting at a window watching lightening fork through the sky, counting the seconds until the peal of thunder, hearing the rain pound on the roof, sipping a cup of tea. (yes, I know it's not safe to sit at a window during a thunderstorm but you learn that the beauty is worth the risk when you grow up in the lightening capital of America! Well, worth *some* risks; you'll NEVER catch me on the phone or in anywhere near a running faucet during a good storm!)

2. I love sitting on the dock by the riverside watching the wave patterns, the mullet jumping, the pelicans fishing, and the dolphins playing.

3. I love the look on my kids' faces when they really *get* something for the first time. That "aha" moment.

4. I love the sound of four kids breathing deep, even breaths as they sleep in the next room.

5. I love New York style cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries.

6. I love finding new places to explore - woods, forests, beaches, lakes - getting out there and stomping through the unknown is so fun!

7. I love the feeling after a really good cleaning session. You know the house won't look or smell that way for 5 minutes but it's golden while it lasts!

So, there you have it. Thanks, Jenn, for the sweet award. Sorry I'm too inexperienced to follow all the steps. Chalk it up to another learning curve in life!!!


  1. well, i appreciate you playing along....I dont think I even linked my little picture right because every time I open my blog I can't see the pink award'm not very good at all this either but I'm learning. I think that in your post place you can hightlight the name of whatever you want to "link" back to and find the button on your blog posting block thingy and it will come up with a little window that will let you put in the address of what you want to link back to. It's a little complicated but I'm sure you will probably play around long enough and figure it

    Thanks for listing your stuff, though!! xoxo


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