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So, the history here is that I've had a blogspot account for a while. I first opened it solely for the purpose of being able to track some blogs of my friends. But then, well, God intervened and here I am posting. The problem was that I had selected a meaningless url just to have access. Now that I'm actually pouring out the words that God is giving and the experiences He's teaching me through, meaningless became aggravating.

Being new to actually using the apps here, I had no idea if I could even change this. I began asking for help - in the "help" tab of all places! Do you know what I found? A simple answer. An easily achieved fix for my problem. Now, I know, life's not always like that. Sometimes there is simply not an easy answer. Sometimes there's a complicated series of steps. Sometimes there's a lot of research and trial-and-error. Sometimes there's no discernable answer short of accepting things as they are and trusting God's hand in it. But sometimes, when we drop our pride, confess our weakness and ignorance, and actually ask somebody, God has the opportunity to use other people in our lives to grow us, strengthen us, and move us farther ahead than we could go on our own.

Isn't it a beautiful thing that He has given us the body of Christ? We are blessed and empowered through the Holy Spirit and we are edified, built up, encouraged, spurred on by our extended family. How often do we neglect that gift? How frequently are we so afraid of appearing weak among our own family, terrified of judgement or rejection, intent upon maintaining the facade that we hide our faults, "handle" our problems alone and wind up isolated from the very source of help that the Lord wants to use in our lives?

Father, forgive my foolishness and fear; teach me to cry out not only to You - the place from whence comes my help - but also to my family in which You have placed me. Help me also to remember that my family - Your family - is made up of people. They are not YOU, they are not perfect, and sometimes they may fail, too. Your grace covers each one of us. Now that falls under the category of "worthy of praise!"


  1. Oh boy are we using up the Grace over here as of late. Nearly 17, nearly 13 and 3 1/2 ..... and the worst of us is nearly 41.


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