What is there to say? When you've been praying and blogging and struggling...and God just up and lifts the burden? When you've been in pain and it's just...GONE? When life is so sweet you almost can't stand it? When you feel like yourself again - the long-forgotten, joyful, adventurous, smiling, laughing, play-in-the-rain-like-a-kid person you used to be...before all the bondage, hurt, anger, bitterness, expectations, betrayals, YUCK happened in your life and made you feel like you were drowning? When the doors to healing fling wide open and you literally feel the burdens of the past fall from your shoulders? When your marriage is more amazing than ever before? When your kids are truly a blessing and you don't have to squint to see how? When you're interested in exploring and growing and being creative again? What do you say?

You don't. You can't. It just is...and you bask in it. And kneel. And cry. And sing. And dance. And sit in silent wonder. And breathe. For the first time in so can finally just breathe...


  1. Praising with you ... and praying that I'll get there too ...

    Love you, girl!!

  2. I bet you are so happy...I know you are. Thanks for sharing your struggles and victories through your blog. I know it's difficult to put your "stuff" out there, but I appreciate your honesty.

    We are gonna be in Florida for a SL Camp with the college age kids doing a SL student staffers. Not many going but I think it's gonna be super fun. It's in DeLand, FL. Thought I would let you guys know and as soon as I know a definite day that we will be free I will let you know. Not that you guys will be able to break away to drive from where you are to, if it's possible I would love to see ya'll. Talk to you more soon.....

  3. Deland is only about an hour from us. If we have some warning, we may be able to work something out. Are you guys going to be like camp counselors there?

    And, yes, I am happy. I don't really feel like I've put too much of my stuff out there; more just the results of working through my stuff. I'm thinkin' folks would be amazed at how much stuff there was and how poorly I had handled it up to this point! *sigh* But thankfully, I can honestly say that God has removed even the guilt over that...healing is an awesome thing...


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