**Aside** Knights and Ladies (back to the healing story soon)

Recently my hubby and I went shopping for clothes together. It's been a LONG time since I got new things and I've lost 20 lbs and several inches in the last months (hooray for a more active lifestyle!!). One of his faves is a simple, straightline sundress with a pretty floral print. Today was the first time I'd worn it. He enjoyed seeing me in it this morning, left for work, and the kids and I ran out for some errands.

The following conversation ensued after I ran into the front office of our RV complex, leaving the oldest in charge of the littles outside:

Me: Okay, y'all, onward to the next stop.
5-yr-old son: Mommy, did any of the boys in there kiss you because you look so beautiful?
Me (trying hard not to laugh): No, sweetheart. Nobody kissed me.
5-yr-old: I think some of the boys wanted to kiss you. Did they?
Me: No, honey. Mommy won't let anybody but Daddy kiss me.
5-yr-old: Good. 'Cuz if they did, I'd punch 'em. Then I'd tie them up and step on them.
7-yr-old: Yeah. We'd all get 'em. Like Indiana Jones! I'd get the whip and...
3-yr-old *girl*: NOBODY gets to kiss you but Daddy and us and Grammy and PopPop and Grandma and Grandpa...and Blackie (that's our dog)...
13-yr-old: {rolling eyes and shaking head whole time}

So, I guess that's a vote for "Mom looks good in the sundress"! Who'd'a'thunk a compliment from a Kindergartener could mean so much?? Left me smiling all day. As did the knowledge that I have a whole band of gallant knights (and one feisty princess) ready to come to my rescue if anyone ever dares to impugne my honor! lol


  1. I love it!! Although I have to say -- when I read 5 year old I was thinking of the wrong kid! Had a little shock for a moment when I then read 7 year old! AND THIRTEEN??? :-O Woohoo on clothes the kids like! :D

    I wore some of Jim's clothes for camo day at VBS yesterday and Gabbi did D: at me all day long. LOL

  2. My my my.. sounds like the Queen is sizzling these days! WTG B! :D
    And I agree with Melanie... R is supposed to still be 5.

  3. LOL!
    Melanie - I know, even *I* can't believe how big they're getting. Gonna have to send some pics to y'all. I just hate posting them online; too many stories from my brother's line of work. *sigh*

    Micah - Sizzling, yes. But only because the heat index has been in the triple digits. ;)

  4. THIRTEEN?!?!?! Sorry, but when did this happen???? I read a quote on Heather S. blog that was something like "the days are long but the years are so short". I cannot believe Ben is 13.

    Anyway, congrats on losing so much weight. I know it makes you feel so good to be thinner and have smaller clothes. After this pregnancy for me I told Ryan we are hitting P90X hard...lol. No more babies for me (at least in my plans..lol)

  5. We are no longer coming to Florida.... :( .... SL mixed up our dates and we are now going to comfy and familiar Covenant College. I was soooo disappointed. I really wanted a chance to reconnect with you guys even for a few minutes..lol. I also wanted to see the Florida coast since I've never seen it....just our beautiful "Big Brown". I actually have been to the Carribean but it's not the same as seeing the ocean from your own USA....and I hear it's fabulous. Oh, well, maybe another time.

    Yes, we are still planning the SL trip and I'm excited but also apprehensive about whether I will be feeling well enough to actually participate. I will be exactly 14 weeks by the time we leave for camp so I should be feeling ok (hopefully). Anyway, can't wait to hear more of what you guys are up to.


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