Yet Another Aside...

Okay, so I must be avoiding writing the next chapter of the healing story...

I'll admit to that being somewhat true. I'm going to have to self-edit a *lot* to keep things from being too personal and too lengthy. But, really, I'm finding so many things going along with what I've learned through the healing process and I'm so excited to have affirmation of these things that I'm anxious to share them with y'all.

So, what am I anxious to share today? I came across a real, live, positive news story today in our local paper, The Orlando Sentinel. Yep, they do still write those things occasionally! And it ties in beautifully with the starting point of this humble little blog. Do you remember? It was all about focusing on the "whatsoever things"; those things which are lovely, beautiful, right, true, of good repute, excellent...the "good stuff." The realistic, practical, somewhat-cynical, tell-things-like-they-are side of me never likes to candy-coat things so I have always tended to balk at overly deliberate positive thinking. And yet, I have discovered in scripture that God Himself seems to be pretty positive about what He thinks of us. We are, after all, His handiwork; more than that, we're His chosen children. We are the clay that He has worked into the masterpiece that He sees as already finished. Shoot, He sees us already perfected and seated in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus. That's some pretty positive thinking!!!

But what do we hear/feed ourselves daily? Comparison. Judgement. Insecurity. We listen to the whispered lies of the enemy who accuses us daily of being NOT fearfully and wonderfully made; or at least of having totally botched living up to what we were originally made to be. We begin to actively commisserate with the enemy in self-condemnation - weight, hair, teeth, eye color, accomplishments, education, living arrangements, parenting ability, coping ability, having-it-all-together, self-control, habits, past choices, personal style, areas of talent - all of who we are is up for grabs to be compared, contrasted, and condemned. This seems completely out of line with who we are to be as His daughters. We are called to encourage and edify the saints, to speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, to let no unwholesome word proceed from out of our mouth - that includes in conversation with ourselves!! Why do we participate in the downfall of our own selves?

In the interest of beginning to speak in a Godly, positive, truthful manner to one another (and ourselves) may I recommend that you check out While the precious lady who unintentionally began this simple grassroots movement here in the Orlando area may or may not be a follower of Christ, I venture to say that she is doing more for helping the saints (and those who have yet to choose Christ but whom He loves dearly) to see themselves as their adoptive Daddy sees them than many of the harsh, gossiping, judgemental, sharp tongues in church circles have done in many years. Maybe this is a case of allowing the "profane things of the world to confound the wise" and humbly accept the instruction in truth that is offered here? I will admit that some of the things that are posted do not line up with a Biblical view of ourselves ("You are enough" being the most blatant) but the principle is one that lends itself to consideration and adaptation to Scripture. Let me know what you think...


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