How Do You Respond to That?

This telephone conversation took place last week but it just keeps running around in my head. So I decided to get it out. Hopefully it will have fun running around in your head, too.

Thrift Store Proprietor: "Hello?"

Customer (Me): "Hi. I was wondering if you have any of those pop-up canopies that are used for sporting events, etc.? " (Yes, I *do* call ahead rather than rummaging through thrift stores while herding cats, er, kids.)

Proprietor: "Yes, I do have one of those."

Me (excited to have finally found one): "Great! How much are you asking for it?"

Proprietor: "Oh. It isn't for sale. I use it for cover when I set up displays out in front of my store. Those things are really handy!" in the world do you respond to that?? I chose stunned silence followed by a stammered "Thanks." Click.


  1. ROFL...too funny. Ya gotta wonder how these people get jobs!!! And then wonder some more about why on earth some of US Can't!! lol

  2. LOL...why would this person even respond to your question knowing that you are obviously calling to BUY one...not just get their opinion on


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