I'm NOT God.

I know. This is a shocker to all of you. But it's true. I'm not. And to prove it, I'm going to show you how little I know.

I was so proud of myself last week. I started on Monday and determined that the whole RV was going to be dust-free, dog-hair-free, and organized if it killed me. We've had a crazy few weeks with football and life in general, and things had gotten to where we were moving things out of the way constantly just to function. This gets old. Fast. So I decided that it was going to end then and there.

I stuck with my plan, with a minor interruption on Tuesday with a Migraine (yes, it deserved a capital letter), and had the whole thing glistening by Wednesday. Aaaaah...peace, tranquility, and cleanliness. For a while, anyways. What a great opportunity to snap some pictures (finally) and show my bloggy friends just how we manage to live with 6 folks in this space. The kids thought I'd lost it when I got out the camera and rolled their eyes as I got into some interesting positions to get whole rooms in the shots. (You have to be a contortionist to get a *good* angle when you're working with long, narrow rooms. No, my children are not permitted to climb on counters just because they saw me do it. Because I'm the Mom, that's why.)

Thursday and Friday arrived as normal, and Saturday was Football Day. Thankfully, Football Day took place in the same county as both sets of grandparents, who graciously offered to take all 4 kiddos so that hubby and I could have a whole day to ourselves. I don't *think* anybody's fingers got caught in the door as we slammed it and ran away...

We spent a portion of that day shopping for a new travel trailer. It has become apparent that we are growing out of our bedding arrangements and more floor space to separate simultaneous activities would be helpful during school time. Not to mention the fact that we're experiencing some "inconveniences" in our well-loved 1982 rig. A flushing toilet would be nice (without having to fill it from the sink before you flush). And a 'fridge that doesn't defrost out the seal on the door and onto the floor. And an engine that can be depended on to start and move without Herculean efforts. She's been a blessing to us, but she's really getting to require a lot more maintenance expense than we're willing to put into her.

Our timeline has been December/January for this, and we were just hoping to be able to browse and ask some questions without the incessant "don't jump on the bunks," "no, you can't push the button to raise the steps," "COME HERE" that happens when we've been out looking with the kids. We met a really nice salesman and found the rig we'd really like to have. He gave us great information on our financing options, etc. It's still not something we were planning on doing right away due to some other circumstances in our lives, but we gained valuable information and felt more assured of the direction we wanted to go when we were able. We went on, enjoyed the rest of our day together, and picked the kids back up.

Then, God stepped in. It's a long, convoluted story that I may share details on later, but suffice it to say that the outcome is that, barring the unforeseen, we will be living in that trailer by the end of next week. I am floored by the people and circumstances that God has used to make this possible and am blessed beyond measure at this gift at this time. It is looking nothing like how we thought it would, is happening when we least expected it, is coming from a source we didn't know existed, and is not at all how WE had planned it. And there you have it: proof that I am not God. I'm so glad. Because I'm having so much fun watching Him do this. And I'm wondering how He's going to allow us to use this blessing in our lives to bless others.

So...are you going to get to see those photos? Sure! Then, when I show you the new rig a few weeks/months/years from now, you'll see what a difference a few feet can make! But I'll put it in a seperate post; too much scrolling is no fun.


  1. AWESOME!!! I've never been more happy to hear to you are not God than I am at this very moment! :D
    God is SO cool. I say that all the time. He just IS!
    Thank You Lord for this blessing for the J family. :D

  2. This is so cool...I'm so glad for ya'll. Hope to see those pics soon...I can't say that I haven't wondered how you all cram into a small trailer space, but I know you make it work..lol

  3. I love those constant reminders that I am not God. In case I ever got confused about that. ;)


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