'Tis a Gift to be Simple, 'Tis a Gift to be Free...

Below:The view from our main room, through the kitchen, to the master.
The cabinet on the left houses our dvd/cd collection. Anything that keeps kids from running down the "hallway" while parents are occupied is a great thing. The ill effects of TV overload are nothing compared to the ill effects of two children hurtling in opposite directions at high velocity in an enclosed space.
I know whereof I speak.

Above: Our Bathroom.
It is situated on the right side of the coach, immediately behind the kitchen. Yes, that is a removable showerhead. And, yes, we have had to dry the entire bathroom after certain unnamed children have "forgotten" to close the shower curtain. There has also been a learning curve regarding hot water usage: water on to wet yourself and your soap, water off while scrubbing, water on to rinse. Any other alternative yields VERY COLD rinse water; a 6 gallon water heater only lasts so long!

Below: Our Refrigerator and Wardrobe.
The refrigerator accommodates 2 half-gallons, but not one full gallon. It has taught us to buy fresh, buy only what we will eat, and that just because it's two for the price of one doesn't mean that two need to come home with you.

The wardrobe houses all of the kids' clothing and shoes, the jackets, and the bedding when it isn't in use. Our always-active kids have found that it makes both an ideal hiding place for hide-and-seek (although the pile of shoes in the hallway tends to give you away) and a wonderful alternative to a rock-climbing gym when used in conjunction with the opposite wall.

Above: Our Master Suite.
It spans the rear of the coach, as does the full-size bed. To the left, you will notice our school book/supply storage drawers, as well as the "big people" hanging clothes. In the center is the bed that our dog, Blackie, graciously allows us to use at her discretion. To the right is the improvised shoe rack. The four doors at the ceiling level house all folding clothing for Dan and I.

Last, But not Least: Our Multi-Purpose Main Room
This room is where we spend most of our indoor time. It has many incarnations. Mostly, it is used as a living area, as pictured first. TV time, schoolwork, creating with Hot Wheel track and Imaginext toys, board games, reading, wrestling...you name it; it takes place here.

At mealtimes, or when doing art or written work, it is transformed with the fold-away dining table. There is always discussion about who will sit on the end nearest the TV -- even if the TV is off. And there will always be one child convinced that they can sit precariously on the edge of the passenger seat and still reach the food on the table without sacrificing one bite to the lurking dog.

At night, the couch transforms to a bed for two, the fold-away mattress is laid out for one on the floor, and the drop-down bunk emerges to tempt little monkeys to swing the perimeter of the room using only toy storage, bunk bed, and book storage. This never ends well. Usually, all the kids are settled in and asleep within minutes, and awake in the morning only to put it all away for another day!

So, there you have it.
How 6 people live reasonably peacefully in a 33ft RV.
Simple is good.


  1. Simple is good. I'm trying to learn that myself as I nearly tearfully part with a ton of books.

    I can't BELIEVE those are your kids, especially the oldest one!! :-O Wow, he's, like, all grown now. I covered up the other two in the one pic and had the girls guess who it was. They figured it out after a minute or two. Oh my, how he's grown. (The others too, but he has that early teen maturity thing going on now.)

    I can't wait to hear what happens next ...

  2. I hear you on the books. I finally had to just tell myself that if it could be found in a library, I didn't HAVE to own a copy. Turns out, most books are indeed located in libraries. Crazy, huh?

  3. your kids are huge!! I can't believe how big they got...but, I guess when you don't see people for a long amount of time that's what happens, eh? LOL...anyway...I'm glad to see that "stinky lion" is still in the picture. I guess there isn't any hope for Cade abandoning "bear" any time soon...lol....a constant friend.

    your home is small but you are a genius in using the space so effectively. It works and that's what counts. I'm glad you posted the pics on here for us to see. You were always the best at utilizing the space you had for the best possible purpose. Snaps!!


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