Teacher? Student?

Do you ever feel like God only gave you kids so that you could learn from them? They reflect us back to ourselves, say OUT LOUD the things we think so that we can really hear it, and sometimes - I am totally convinced - say the very words that God Himself puts in their mouths for us.

Recent things heard in our household:

"I don't want to say what I really think only to have my face slapped with it." Ouch. That bugs my kids as bad as it bugs me, huh? To be heard...patiently and truly heard...is a beautiful gift.

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Why do *I* have to get in trouble? He did it first!" Yep. I hear ya. Consequences rot. Especially when you were led into the behavior that earned them. However, you had a choice whether to follow. Learn to think critically and decide for yourself; casting blame is pointless. Yes, Mommy had to learn that the hard way, too.

"Why do I always do that?! I don't want to but I do!" Oh, darlin'. Lord, remind me to respond with compassion; I'm right there with you, kiddo.

"Mommy, Daddy... I love you even when I hurt you." spoken with hugs and direct eye contact. Ever disbelieve or respond harshly to that from one of your kids...only to realize you've said the same thing to God a million times?


Lest anyone have any doubts about why I was entrusted with these kids (not because I'm so smart or gifted but because I have so much to learn!!), allow me to enlighten you to what I discovered as I proofread this prior to posting. This post was written, start to finish, as the intro and various quotes came to mind. Assuredly, the last one listed was the one that prompted the post but the order changed in my head as I wrote and came out as you see it now.

Why is this significant? Because, as I checked for spelling errors, I found that each quote originated from a different child and they are listed in the correct birth order. This was not intentional. I honestly did not consider the mouth from which the quotes emanated; I just knew that these specific words had stuck in my heart this week. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my children has taught me something about myself, my God, and my relationship to Him and others. Thanks for the living lessons, Daddy. Help me to learn them well.


  1. I really love those moments, even when they step all over my toes. The Lord has just (like just -- yesterday!) revealed to me that a behavior I'm trying to quash is a perfectly normal, and even good, behavior. Which is exactly what this child has been telling me. Yikes.

    Thank you, Lord, for entrusting us with these blessings and may we continually seek You as we bring them up!

  2. Oh yes, I learn sooooo much from my children. Since they are around me so much now, it has given me even more opportunities to learn from them. =)

    Beautiful post, Becky.

  3. Ah yes, the little mirrors that came forth through my body. Some days its takes me awhile to be thankful for the lesson.

  4. Oh, yes...Dan always said that he learned about himself from his kids. I didn't really understand all that till I actually had kids..lol. It's totally true. They say things to us that we need to learn. Thanks for being able to put that into words.


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