Brief Revisitation...

***Okay, let's be honest. This is me. It's a not-so-brief revisitation.

Way back when, I was struggling with finding the good in life and seeing the beautiful that God has placed all around me. In an effort to overcome my depression and recover the joy that I had allowed to be stolen, I made a conscious effort to fix my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith and discover Him in whatever occurred. He does say that He is with me wherever I go, after all.

Oh, my, has He been faithful. He says that if we seek Him, we will find Him. He doesn't want to hide; He desires relationship with us so much that He makes Himself evident in everything His hand touches (which is, well, *everything* so He's kinda hard to miss...except to eyes fixed on their own host rather than their Creator.)

In recent days, I have become a bit wrapped up in school year planning, football practices, job stuff, keeping the household running... just the normal lifetime of a busy family. And I have neglected to make that disciplined effort to seek Him in the day-to-day; to stand in awe of Him in the little things. It is amazing how quickly we can become mired in the muck and drawn into exhaustion and frustration when we forget to be disciplined. So, for just a moment, join me as I regroup, refocus, and remember my First Love. He's worth remembering.

***Today, the 4 kids and I all went to an art class at Hollywood Studios. ALL FOUR were willing to sit at a light table. All four listened to the instructions and diligently followed them to the best of their abilities. When my autistic son became overwhelmed and felt that the instructions were coming too fast and he couldn't process them quickly enough, ***he did not tear the paper, scream in frustration, run out of the room*** He quietly put down his pencil, sat at my feet, and waited until the class was over. He wasn't happy with his product, but he listened - and seemed to have it sink in - that I was SO PROUD of him for both getting as far as he did and handling his frustration the way he did. I now have 4 precious drawings of Sorcerer Mickey and one unforgettable glimpse into how pleased my heavenly Daddy must be when each of His kids makes a small step or follows a few instructions, however messy the resulting product may be.

***Recently, a friend had a link to a post about how much our Daddy wants to see His girls twirl and dance with pure joy before Him. It hurt to read that. Because just a few days before, our family had been in a position to allow our kids to dance with abandon; it was an appropriate place, the music was happy, the joy and playfulness was all around us...and our kids sat. Unsure of what to do. Unwilling to look foolish. Unable to get past outward appearances and let their joy overflow into outward expression. O my. Have we been so concerned with proper behavior, have we pushed them so hard to "control yourself" or "be still" or "respect others by keeping the noise down" that we have made them self-conscious? Even in a venue where jumping for joy is to be desired and encouraged?? Ouch. How our Daddy must weep when He sees us rein ourselves in for the sake of keeping up appearances. But what joy it must bring Him when we refuse to let the opinion of others interfere with our enjoyment of Him and the wonderful things He gives us. The simple things: life, music, sunshine, rain, friendship, family, new experiences, delicious food, captivating animals, beautiful flowers, fulfilling work, meaningful conversation, creativity, play, the list goes on forever. Should not our joy AND our dance?!

Thanks, Daddy, for so many of the "whatsoever things" (check out this post for an explanation). Please help me remember to keep seeking You.


  1. Breathing Him in and thanking Him for creating you. I love to read what's on your heart.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I loved the ending the best, though. Dancing before God is hard, I guess, because of so many years of being told that it's "wrong". But why?? Why should be not dance before our Creator? David did it. When the brought the ark down he "danced with all his might before the Lord". Thank you for reminding me to let my kids praise God in their own way and not hinder their worship to their Creator when the Spirit moves them. I will remember that!!!


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