Giddy Praise and a Few Puzzle Pieces

Have y'all ever noticed that God always answers bigger than you ever *really* think He will? The Carlins began the week with $825 in their Reece's Rainbow account. It was as a result of that that I set the goal of $20,000 on my link to ChipIn; wasn't really sure that I had enough contacts to reach that goal, but wanted to stand in agreement with them as to their needs and let anyone viewing my blog know the full amount of what was needed. As of right now, their balance stands at $11,825. Seriously, God??? Eleven thousand dollars in a few days??? Thank you!!!! I don't know if all of those funds are tied to this link from my page (there are a few folks out here in blogland that have joined with the Carlins to get the word out and have posted links to Reece's Rainbow) but I am giddy that God has used whomever He has used and answered in such a big way so suddenly. The goal of $20,000 to bring Daniel home is better than half met! Can't wait to see what God does next to provide fully...

As for the "few puzzle pieces", the story of how I came to run for Daniel is a little winding. Kinda like my mind. I'll try to be as coherent as possible.

It all began with reading the first posting by Jessica Carlin (a friend from my days in TX) about the potential for Daniel...I was drawn to pray and to follow...and then the reality of her being "paper pregnant." It may sound overly dramatic, but I think at that moment I could sympathize with what Elizabeth may have felt when John leapt in her womb. My heart literally skipped a couple of beats. My breath came quickly...the Spirit was moving. Immediately I felt tied to this story; as though there was something I was meant to do to help in the working out of whatever God had in store for this little guy. There was a certainty in my heart that *this was right*; that Daniel *is* the Carlin's son...and that I needed to do something about it.

But what??

I am a mom of 4, a wife of a Disney cast member, a part-time prep cook at Chik-Fil-A, a cash-only RV dweller who survived a recent bankruptcy. Oh, and did I mention that I'm states away from the Carlins? What in the world could I possibly do? I didn't have much but made a small contribution to their adoption fund...all the while feeling that there was something more. Something more, something more, but my mind couldn't seek out what that was.

So I waited and prayed and followed and commented and kept feeling that incessant "something more"...


  1. $11825?!!! Even if that is all things together... WOW!!!!
    Loving to read your story....


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