The Little Things ARE the Big Things

Today I had to take a quiet mommy-moment behind closed doors so the kids wouldn't see my tears and ask about them. They would have rolled their eyes and made the crazy-sign with their finger around their head, anyway. As will some of you, maybe. Because I was in tears over this:

Yep. My son standing with a cute look on his face, wearing a pair of jeans did me in. He picked those jeans out on a trip to a thrift store yesterday. Yes, they have a hole in the knee and will probably wear out very quickly. But you don't understand: he was asking to buy a pair of jeans!! 

One of the most pronounced sensitivities Michael has had is a sensitivity to clothing.  Texture, fit, how it feels when he moves - it's a big deal. Very rarely does anyone in the family buy clothing for him because we have learned that if he doesn't choose it, he probably won't wear it. For years, it had to be very tight. As a five-year-old he had to be pressed to purchase clothing that was larger than a 4T; he felt secure when it fit snug. Over time, we have seen him relax about the t-shirts (look at how loosely that one fits!). But pants? Oh, no. Pants are non-negotiable. They must be slightly high-water with elastic waists. And they are worn hiked up. Until yesterday/today. Suddenly, with no known trigger, Michael has chosen a fitted pair of jeans, worn low on the waist, with a fitted waistband. He's adjusting to how they fit instead of rejecting something different. He likes them and is proud of them, although a bit embarrassed at how proud he is.

And I'm in tears. Little things are a big deal. 


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